Our package includes the most important aspects of wedding photography. We offer an unlimited day of coverage; from getting ready photos to the send off at the end of the night. We document the day as it unfolds. Working with you and your planner, we will develop a complete wedding day timeline, to allow for a stress free flow. In addition to the wedding day, our investment package includes an engagement session. Placing a high value on this pre-wedding shoot allows us to get to know one another prior to the wedding day! This lets our clients get used to our shooting style, personality and posing.


*Unlimited Hours of Wedding Day Coverage

*2 Primary Photographers

*Engagement Session

*Personalized Wedding Day Timeline

*Timelessly Edited Wedding & Engagement Images Including Print Release For Personal Use

*Online Private Gallery For Viewing & Downloading Of Wedding & Engagement Photos




Do you shoot destination weddings?

A.Absolutely! We are passionate about capturing love stories in breathtaking destinations around the globe. We're ready to embark on this adventure no matter where your dream wedding takes you.

Q: How do you handle travel arrangements for destination weddings?

A: We take care of all our travel logistics to ensure a seamless experience. From flights to accommodations, rest assured that we'll be where we need to be, allowing you to focus on your special day.

Q: Can we meet before the wedding day, especially if it's a destination wedding?

A: While in-person meetings may not always be possible, we prioritize virtual consultations to discuss your vision, answer questions, and address concerns. Clear communication is critical to capturing your unique story.

Q: How do you prepare for shooting in different locations and cultures?

A: Research and adaptability are essential. Before your wedding, we thoroughly study the location, understand local customs, and plan to seamlessly integrate into the environment to capture the authenticity of your celebration.

Q: Do you offer destination wedding packages?

A: We have specialized destination wedding packages that include our travel costs. These packages are designed to provide comprehensive coverage of your wedding day, from the intimate moments to the grand celebrations.

Q: What happens if there are travel restrictions or unforeseen circumstances?

A: We closely monitor travel advisories and constantly communicate with our clients. In the event of unexpected challenges, we work together to find solutions, whether that involves rescheduling or adapting to the situation.

Q: How soon should we book for a destination wedding?

A: It's advisable to book as early as possible, especially for popular destination wedding locations. This ensures ample time for thorough preparation and coordination, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience for everyone involved.

Why is a second shooter important?

A.A second photographer provides a unique perspective, capturing moments from different angles simultaneously. This ensures comprehensive coverage of your special day, including candid reactions and details that might be missed with just one photographer.

Q: Do I really need a second photographer for my small wedding?

A: A second photographer can still be beneficial for smaller weddings. They can focus on candid moments, reactions, or details, allowing the primary photographer to concentrate on essential shots and formal portraits.

Q: How do you coordinate between the primary and second photographer?

A: Coordination is key. We have a pre-planned strategy, ensuring both photographers are aware of the schedule and specific shots needed. This teamwork enhances efficiency and guarantees a seamless photographic experience.

Q: Will the second photographer have a similar style to the primary photographer?

A: Absolutely. This ensures a cohesive visual narrative, providing you with a well-rounded and harmonious collection of images.

Q: Will the second photographer capture the same moments as the primary photographer?

A: The second photographer is there to capture complementary moments, ensuring no precious memories are overlooked. They might focus on guest reactions, alternative angles, or additional candid shots that enrich the overall story.

Q: Is the cost of the second photographer included in the package, or is it an additional fee?

A: Our packages are designed to be transparent. The inclusion of a second photographer will be clearly outlined in your package at no additional cost to you.

What kind of gear do you use?

A.Currently, Amber and I are both Canon shooters. Each of us wears two cameras with dual memory card slots throughout the day, insuring a redundant copy of your images. Holly shoots with two Canon EOS R5s and Amber shoots with two EOS R6s and both have a mixture of prime and zoom lenses appropriate for each section of your day.

Do I have to order prints through you?

A.You have the flexibility to use any printing service you prefer. While we offer the convenience of in-house
professional printing with quality prints, we understand the importance of personal choice and happily provide high-resolution images for you to use with the printing service of your choice.

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