One Word: Wow.

Let’s sh0w some love to Isabella who has a hard time believing in her own spectacularness.  Yes, I did just make that word up.  I hope she remembers us little people one day, when she’s a star.  Love. Love. Love.


Beauty and the Cemetery

Dang it!!!  I missed this post on Halloween.  Is it really already 3 days after?  It can’t be.  It can’t.  I’m still in Halloween mode!  Oh well, I’ll just have to suffer and you all will have to suffer along with me.  I guess this means I’m going to have to take down the Halloween decor, but until that happens… Please enjoy this eerily beautiful session.

Michaela is one of my favorite people to photograph.  She has the ability to transform herself into so many characters and each one of them still has a part of her own essence.  We did this session on a beautiful  summer evening and believe it or not, we were not alone in the cemetery.  I’ll let your imaginations fill in the blanks for you, Teehee.  Ok, fine, there were other film crews there, not ghosts.  The only thing we felt was a sense of calm and of beauty.  As respectfully as we could, we enjoyed our time there and hopefully the inhabitants were happy with us as well.  I’ve been waiting to post these until Halloweenie… but somehow the clocks in my house run three days behind.  I’m going to have to get that checked out.

To view the entire session, please visit

Lots of Love to you, Michaela.  I’m in awe of your beauty.  

The amazing Brittany!

Not only is she beautiful, she’s brilliant, funny, laid back and has the most flawless skin I’ve ever seen in my life (insert jealous emoticon here, for reals!)  I felt so honored to be chosen as the photographer to take her senior portraits, but I always feel that way.  More so in this case, as day-by-day, new photographers are bred by the second it seems.  That just means that what we do and how we do it needs to stand out from all the others, if we have any chance of competing and sustaining a profitable business.  Brittany is the epitome of grace and made my part of the day effortless.  I just “pushed the button”.  Brittany herself made these images beautiful!  I hope she had as much fun as I did!  xoxoxo


The Beautiful Miss Lexi!

When Lexi and her mom first contacted me about senior portraits, I couldn’t believe the time had come so soon. I had photographed her older sister and had once did a “sister” shoot with the two girls as well. It’s hard to believe that she is now a senior! Lexi asked if we could photograph on Skyline drive in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Be still my heart. Mountains? Hiking trails? Gorgeous scenery? Ahhhhhhhhh. My dream.

Well, we did and managed to not run across any bears or Yeti. The pictures are beyond incredible. Please enjoy just a few, I’m leaving the beautiful background mountain images for Lexi to share! What a great day, thank you SO MUCH Lexi for choosing me! I HEART you so much!!!



J o i n   u s   o n   S o c i a l   M e d i a
L i v e   T w i t t e r   F e e d
M o r e   i n f o