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Sasha. Take Two. :)

What happens when a certain adorable little girl doesn’t feel like herself during her family portraits?  THIS.  …and I love it.  

The Steffen Family!

What could be better than photographing in THE place where Stonewall Jackson’s arm is buried?  NOTHING.  Absolutely nothing.  Nearly every day, I’m still amazed that I get to call this Civil War enriched area home.  People travel from all around the country to come see what we get to see everyday in our own backyard. …

The Thompson Family!

How lucky am I?  I was asked to photograph this adorable family at the last minute, as their regularly scheduled photographer had an unforeseen emergency.   Can I just say that I’m so happy to have met them?  The kids were hysterical, they made me laugh so hard and the word “poop” never failed to…

The Wagnons!

Seriously.  Have you EVER seen a cuter or a more in-love couple?  From the bottom of my heart, I really really really love these people.  (Even if they’re not wearing New England Jerseys)