Brenda & Issac |Orange, Virginia | The Holladay House | Bed and Breakfast

I have to admit this was my first small, intimate wedding of this nature. I’m used to large, fast-paced, all day affairs with tons of guests and large bridal parties… running around, sweating our you-know-whats off.  After yesterday’s wedding though, all I can say is that I’m totally hooked now and hope for many, many more of these in the future. The wedding was incredibly laid back, relaxed and casual.  The Holladay House in Orange, Virginia was the perfect setting, the owners were amazing and you could just feel the love from every single person there. The owner Sharon and I joked about it being the Holladay House, on a Holiday weekend, shot by a girl named Holly. It was completely copacetic. Thank you Brenda and Issac for having me. May your new lives together be blessed.  <3